Why You Should Consider a Staffing Agency in Jacksonville

Looking for a new job can be rough. You have the skills you need, but the opportunities are just not available where you are. In Jacksonville, Florida, staffing agencies can be a great way to fill employment gaps, help you develop new skills and may be able to offer you temporary assignments that lead to long-term employment opportunities.

Temporary Employment Options

Not all people who work for staffing agencies intend to work for long term. For whatever reason, they are in need of short-term, temporary employment – which can be difficult to locate in today’s job market. Working with local staffing agencies in Jacksonville, Florida means that you can define your own needs first, then be matched with employers who are looking for temporary employees with your skill set and availability.

Finding an employer looking for a regular employee can be difficult, locating one in need of a temporary employee is nearly impossible. When you work with an agency, they handle all the looking for you, for free.

Developing New Skills

There is an unfortunate trend in the job market of employers requiring that applicants have advanced skill sets for positions that should offer on-the-job training. This can make finding a job difficult if you are changing career paths or changing employers. Working with an agency can give you access to employers who are willing to provide on-site training for positions in your career field.

So, even if your position with the employer is temporary, you will have developed a real-world experience that can be used to fill out your resume and make you more attractive to other employers.

Long-Term Opportunities

Staffing agencies in Jacksonville, Florida are not just looking to fill temporary positions. Many employers use staffing agencies as a way of trying out new employees without having to commit to hiring them. If the company you are contracted with is one of them, you may be offered regular employment after they have evaluated your performance and determined you are a good fit for their company.

One of the greatest things about working with an employment agency is that you are the product. In order to earn their fees, the agency needs to find the best fit for you and for the employer. They will market your skills, help you locate temporary positions that let you develop new ones and place you in positions that can become long-term employment opportunities.

If you are looking for temporary work, or are looking to develop new skills to enter into a new career path, contact Stafforce online or by phone at 904-726-5661 today.