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Experience & Knowhow

The STAFFORCE Team has over 50 years of combined temporary staffing experience. When working with people, there is no system or guidebook that can replace what knowledge and knowhow provides. In this day and age, to be profitable and meet job site requirements, companies are forced to do job costing, complete government forms, meet safety requirements, and fulfill employee screening processes. Over the years, our managers and bookkeepers have dealt with a wide range of issues and, as a client, we can help you navigate those hurdles and make sure all requirements are being met, without any extra burden to you.

Customer Service

A saying we commonly use … “without clients and workers, we wouldn’t be in business” and we say that to remind everyone, and ourselves, that those are the 2 most crucial parts of our business and they need to be a top priority. We all get busy with our day to day work, but we’re never too busy to take time out and make sure our clients and workers are well cared for, because that is the core of who we are. As a company, our job is not “staffing”, but it’s to make our client’s job easier and be the very best they can be.

Work Force

Our Company was created to improve on the poor quality and sullied reputation of temporary staffing companies. Our main goal is to provide the best service possible to our clients. From journeyman to laborers, recruiting and maintaining the best temporary work force in Jacksonville is a key ingredient to our success. We utilize a 10 step process to screen applicants and monitor their performance. If an applicant or employee doesn’t satisfy one of these steps, they are deactivated from our database for good. In keeping our screening and evaluation process strict, we limit our total employee base, but we maintain the best workforce in the area. We don’t want to choose our workers from a pool of candidates who show up at our office one morning. We want the best workers we can recruit. We want the best work force in Jacksonville.

All STAFFORCE employees meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass a 10 step screening process (including skill level screening)
  2. Provide own personal transportation
  3. Possess all necessary PPE for the job
  4. Possess hand tools (if skilled or semi-skilled)
4 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our employees in the first 4 hours of work, call our office and you will not be charged. Then we will offer a replacement to help finish the job.

Client Support

Our job is not only to provide manpower, but we are here to support your company in both the field and the office. We provide all of the following services to our clients and employees:


  • Our staff is available 24/7 and our branch opens at 5:30 for early orders
  • Manpower – Jouneyman to Laborers, One Worker or An Entire Crew
  • Employee health benefits are provided and all ACA compliances are met
  • Workers Comp and General Liability Certs available at no extra cost
  • Certified Payrolls completed at no extra cost
  • 30 day payment terms available
  • Weekly Invoicing (Our workers’ pay is held back a week, so our clients can check for invoicing mistakes before the employees are paid)
  • Employee Safety Training (OSHA)
  • Employee Badging
  • Employee Drug Screening
  • Employee Background Checks
Client Support

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