Using Temp Jobs as a Ladder for a Successful Career

Are you in a career slump? Maybe you have started to feel that you are stuck somewhere too far down the ladder of success to really make it in the industry of your choice. If so, you might want to consider using temp services in your area to start building stronger credentials and making measurable moves up that famous “ladder.” Does it surprise you to hear someone recommend giving up the day job and going with one of the temp services in your city or region? It shouldn’t; many experts are now saying that agency work could be just the thing to get you where you want to go.

An article in a UK newspaper even used the title “Agency work stopped me from falling off the career ladder” and went on to explain how a university graduate worked for temp services in London after losing several jobs. She had studied hard, done well, but couldn’t advance because financial conditions caused the companies she worked for to let people go or close entirely. So, she was actually recruited by a temp agency and was soon busily learning all she needed to rapidly advance in her chosen field.

She said that it saved her career path and let her learn a lot of different skills, network and get past any hurtles or blocks that working with one company might have created. With her work, she eventually found a firm that was offering exactly the job she had been hoping for, they took her on as a temp, and in a short time hired her for her dream job.

How might you do the same and work as a temp in order to get advances in your chosen field or industry? It has to begin with meeting up with the right temp services. Choose those that specialize in your industry and which actually recruit for their own labor pools, too. Doing this means they recognize your skills, interests and will steer you only towards the jobs that are a good fit for both you and the company for which you are going to be working.

Even better is that you are being “temped” and not recruited for a single career path. If you find your goals changing as you work more and more in the industry, your temp services in the Jacksonville, FL area will help you get work that meets your goals or needs. At StafForce, you are recruited as a temp and work with the best teams possible to advance your skills and ultimately, your career.