Staffing at a Higher Standard

Stafforce Team

Our company was founded in 1998, by a General Contractor, who was fed up with the poor quality of help he would receive from typical “day-labor” companies. He envisioned a temporary staffing company that employed mature, responsible, career minded employees and he thought the best way to accomplish that goal was to treat those employees like regular, full time workers. Like most of America’s workforce, every Stafforce employee is paid weekly, they are provided with benefits, and they are required to provide their own transportation to and from the job. Our core staff has over 50 years of combined experience, in temporary staffing, and we utilize that expertise to evaluate every employee and hire only the best. We maintain a high quality work force by mandating strict performance standards and not giving second chances to those employees who fall short of those standards. Every temporary staffing company has its strengths and ours is employing the best workforce in Jacksonville.

Our Team to Enhance Yours

Brent Abdullah


Brent was born and raised in Jacksonville, where he graduated from the University of North Florida, with a degree in business. After college, he went straight to work in the temporary staffing field, where he has spent the past 13 years working his way up from recruiter to GM. Brent is married with 2 children, both boys. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching is beloved Gators and Jags disappoint him, and playing golf.

Tracey Brannigan

Reception / Operations

Tracey is a daughter of the “Show Me State”, born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Despite migrating to Delaware as an adult, she retains her Midwest spirit. After raising 3 children and sending them out into the world, Tracey and her husband moved to Jacksonville Beach, where she enjoys spending time near the ocean and making trips to see her granddaughter in Las Vegas. (or at least, her granddaughter is the excuse she gives us)

Gary Garretson

Trucking Division

Originally born in Atlanta, GA, Gary spent most of his time growing up in New York. Following his high school graduation, he enlisted in the Navy, which, eventually, brought him to Jacksonville. Once his tour ended, Gary went to work driving delivery trucks for the Florida Times Union. He then continued working in transportation, as a driver and a transportation manager. Finally, in 1997, Gary switched to the staffing industry, where he continues to use his decades of experience servicing clients in the transportation sector. Gary is an expert on everything transportation.

Genena “Nena” Jones


Nena has spent her life in several locations, but most of her time has been spent here in Jacksonville. She’s a proud mother of one boy and two twin girls. All three of Nena’s children recently finished high school and enlisted in the military (1 Navy and 2 Army). So Nena has a lot to be proud of. She has been with BetterStaf since 2003 and spends most of her time keeping everyone in line. Nena is also very private, so what she does in her free time is none of our business.