Networking 101

Networking Event

Gone are the days when professionals rely solely on cold calling or print advertising to grow successful businesses; especially in highly competitive markets such as construction and roofing. Profitable companies today utilize networking opportunities to attract a flow of new prospective customers. Taking advantage of these top five benefits of business networking can turn off-season time into an opportunity to make the connections that will result in an expanded customer base. Those who fail to recognize the valuable benefits of networking lose more than future sales; they also lose out on critical positive connections that build professional character.

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Stafforce Team

Did you know that March is national Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month? More than three million Americans have hemophilia, von Willebrand disease or rare factor deficiencies- all of which: prevent the blood from clotting normally; can result in extended bleeding after injury, surgery or trauma; and can be fatal if not treated effectively. The RED TIE CHALLENGE is a movement created by the bleeding disorders community and their advocates at the National Hemophilia Foundation to start a conversation about inheritable bleeding disorders and support March 2016 as the first Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Continue reading “STAFFORCE Gives Back”