Things to Consider When Hiring a Temp CDL Driver

Hiring Temp CDL Drivers

Truck drivers with a commercial drivers license (CDL) are frequently required on a temporary basis. Companies in Jacksonville sometimes find that fluctuations in demand for their products and services do not warrant the cost of hiring full time personnel. In situations where temporary CDL drivers are required, companies have several options: hiring temporary CDL drivers on their own, hiring temporary CDL drivers through a temporary staffing agency in Jacksonville, or budgeting for a contract or permanent CDL driver. When a contract or permanent CDL driver is an unrealistic option, there are a few things to consider before hiring a temporary CDL driver.

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How Do Temp Agencies Work for Employers?

Temp Agency For Employers

There seems to be all sorts of articles out there about the benefits of temp and staffing agencies, but almost all of them are targeted toward employees rather than employers. However, employers take advantage of temp agencies just as frequently as aspiring employees do. In fact, a temp staffing agency is one of the main resources most companies have as far as finding new hirees. If you’re part of a business that’s looking into hiring a temp staffing agency, here’s what you need to know about how they’ll work for you.

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Networking 101

Networking Event

Gone are the days when professionals rely solely on cold calling or print advertising to grow successful businesses; especially in highly competitive markets such as construction and roofing. Profitable companies today utilize networking opportunities to attract a flow of new prospective customers. Taking advantage of these top five benefits of business networking can turn off-season time into an opportunity to make the connections that will result in an expanded customer base. Those who fail to recognize the valuable benefits of networking lose more than future sales; they also lose out on critical positive connections that build professional character.

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Stafforce Team

Did you know that March is national Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month? More than three million Americans have hemophilia, von Willebrand disease or rare factor deficiencies- all of which: prevent the blood from clotting normally; can result in extended bleeding after injury, surgery or trauma; and can be fatal if not treated effectively. The RED TIE CHALLENGE is a movement created by the bleeding disorders community and their advocates at the National Hemophilia Foundation to start a conversation about inheritable bleeding disorders and support March 2016 as the first Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Continue reading “STAFFORCE Gives Back”

Electrical Wiring is No Joke

Electrical Wiring

People are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to repairs or additions, even when it comes to electrical work. Often times people will attempt the repairs on their own or they may call a so called “handyman” who may or may not be qualified to handle the job.
A “handyman” may be able to do the electrical job that you need completed, but they also may not have the qualifications. So how are you to know one from the other? Much of the work performed in an electrical project is covered up by walls, wire junction boxes, or in a limited access location. This can lead to people easily covering up bad connections or improper electrical work. There have been instances where installers have used tape, paper clips, and other household items to connect wires. Plus, other instances, where wires that carry high voltage were fully exposed, which is a fire hazard. Owners of the house could be completely unaware of these practices, but the home owner is still liable for any work done on their home and they’re responsible for any liability that may arise from that work.

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Construction Schedules

Construction Workers Staffing Jacksonville FL

When planning the schedule for a construction project, one has to weigh the cost of labor against the time needed to complete the job. In basic terms, if it takes 6 days for 1 person to do a job, it should take 1 day for 6 people to do the job. However, construction jobs are not this simple and the relation of labor to time is much more complicated. For example, a building cannot be framed until the foundation is poured. So, it’s not only a matter of manpower, but how that manpower is allocated. This is the challenge for the General Contractor on site. I believe one of the biggest frustrations for a GC is having one or two subcontractors hold up the job and bring all other work to a halt. This is a common occurrence and one with few solutions once you’re at that point.

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Flexible Staffing

Flexible Staffing

In the construction industry, labor is often the largest expense of a job. When projects are fluctuating, it can be difficult to find enough skilled employees to do all the work and keep on schedule. Temporary staffing agencies, such as STAFFORCE, provide you with qualified workers that can help you accomplish your goals. This helps companies by adjusting more quickly to workloads and maintain flexible staffing.

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Save Time and Money

The use of temporary staffing can save time and money in many different ways. One of the main benefits is the ability to evaluate workers without commitment. Based on your preferences, you can employ a temporary worker from STAFFORCE for a designated, short period of time. Then, if you like the worker and would like to hire them, you have the option to offer the worker a full-time position with your company. Many businesses employ temporary staffing firms as a cost-efficient way to test the abilities and skills of new workers before hiring them full-time. The cost of hiring a temporary worker from a staffing agency such as STAFFORCE is often less expensive and your company’s exposure and risk is eliminated. For more information on how STAFFORCE can be beneficial to your business, contact us at 904.726.5661. Our main office is located in Jacksonville, but we operate all over the Southeast US.