How Does a Construction Staffing Agency Work?

Construction Staffing Agency Jacksonville FL

Choosing the right career path is a lot easier said than done. If you love working with your hands and building things, then a career in construction is a great option. Whether working on a small remodeling job or a large home build, having the right amount of workers is important. Most business owners in this line of work have heard about construction staffing agencies in Jacksonville, but aren’t quite sure how they work. Read below to find out more information on how these agencies work and how they can be beneficial to your company.

It’s All About Recruiting

In order to build up a large pool of employees, construction staffing agencies in Jacksonville will do a lot of recruiting. Usually, these agencies will have a website where prospective hires can go and fill out an online application. These applications will ask questions regarding a person’s experience in the construction industry.

When you need employees with a certain skillset, the employment agency will go into the war chest of applicants they have to see which ones fit the bill. By hiring construction staffing agencies in Jacksonville, you will be able to focus more on running your business instead of trying to find the right employees.

Providing Temporary Employees That Can Be Permanent if Needed

For the most part, construction staffing agencies in Jacksonville provide employees to a company on a temporary basis. There will usually be a probationary period for a temporary employee. During this time, the staffing agency will receive a percentage of what the temporary employee makes.

After the probationary is over, you will have a decision to make on whether or not you want to keep the temporary employee on your payroll. If you do want to keep the employee, you will need to speak with them directly to negotiate their salary and other pertinent details.

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