Things to Consider When Hiring a Temp CDL Driver

Hiring Temp CDL Drivers

Truck drivers with a commercial drivers license (CDL) are frequently required on a temporary basis. Companies in Jacksonville sometimes find that fluctuations in demand for their products and services do not warrant the cost of hiring full time personnel. In situations where temporary CDL drivers are required, companies have several options: hiring temporary CDL drivers on their own, hiring temporary CDL drivers through a temporary staffing agency in Jacksonville, or budgeting for a contract or permanent CDL driver. When a contract or permanent CDL driver is an unrealistic option, there are a few things to consider before hiring a temporary CDL driver.

  1. Temporary CDL drivers still need to be recruited, screened, and checked. Their skills need to be verified, along with the status of their licenses and/or certification badges for specialty items, hazardous materials, types of trucks, and equipment. The costs associated with recruitment, screening, and background checking are sometimes higher than the accounting department had expected, leading to long term cost incursions. A temporary labor staffing agency covers all these costs as the primary part of their service.
  2. Temporary CDL drivers do not have the same labor privileges and protections as contract or full time employees. When hiring a temporary CDL driver from a temp staffing agency, the employer does not need to pay benefits or be concerned with problems related to termination and unemployment claims because of the special legal contract between employer and temp agency. There are a lot fewer hassles with using a staffing agency.
  3. Temporary CDL drivers often become full time members of a team. One of the benefits of using a temp staffing agency is that they take care of human resources work, and often lead to longer term hires of quality personnel who become valuable members of a workforce team.