Top 5 Rooftop Safety Hazards

Rooftop Safety Hazards

When on a construction site, a worker can never be too careful. It is important to have your crew remain safe at all times. Here are the top five rooftop safety hazards that roofers should be aware of.

  • Roof Stability- Is the roof stable and strong enough to support the weight of a worker? A roofer should always check the underlayment before going onto a roof.
  • Ladder Security- Is the ladder secure and at a proper angle? Are the feet secure? Many fatalities occur due to poorly placed ladders.
  • Roof Holes- An open hole on a roof can be just as deadly as a roof’s edge without fall protection.
  • Edge Awareness- When roofers are engaged in their work, they can sometimes forget where the roof edge is.
  • Improper Training- When there are workers on the roof, it is important that they are properly trained so they do not cause serious injury to themselves or others.

When using a staffing firm, it is important for companies to make sure their staff is covered and trained properly. Our employees at STAFFORCE are trained to meet the needs of the job. We have OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and other necessary compliance classes held at our corporate office. For more information on construction staffing and how STAFFORCE can help your business, please contact us at 904.726.5661. Our main office is located in Jacksonville, Florida, but we operate all over the Southeast US.